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Update on the Cytocorp Saga

If you subscribe to the many-worlds theory of quantum mechanics, then there is a reality in which I kip out of bed at exactly 5:02 a.m., walk the cats, drink a bacon smoothie, eat a stack of buckwheat pancakes, rejoice over our enlightened age, and am ready to write by 7 a.m. sharp.

Meanwhile, in this reality, I hit snooze on my Pillow app about six times (completely negating its purpose), pull on the same sweats I wore yesterday, and write the words as though my life depended on it, making sure to avoid the news of the day until it’s behind me and I have a cocktail in my hand.

Only then can I respond to fan emails asking the only question that matters: Where are you at on the hotly anticipated Cytocorp Saga?

Unburdened by the trappings of commercial success, I have ample time to respond. My strategy is to let demand for this career-defining masterpiece to reach a rolling boil before I begin to release precious eggs from my bloated sac of storycraft. But since we’re just getting to know each other, I’ll make a small exception.

My strategy is to let demand for this career-defining masterpiece reach a rolling boil before I even begin to release precious eggs from my bloated sac of storycraft. 🥚 ️

The Cytocorp Saga is a dystopian series about the survivors of a dome city living under the thumb of a monstrous biotech corporation (think Google + Umbrella Corp from Resident Evil with a sprinkle of Weyland-Yutani from Alien) who fight to expose the dark truth behind its plans. It takes place in the Pacific Northwest about 150 years from now, after the northward advance of an uninhabitable desert has forced everyone into Cytocorp-controlled megacities. The plan is to release all three books a few weeks apart starting mid fall.

The prequel novella that introduces the saga is available now if you haven’t already grabbed it. Following that will be three full-length novels that chronicle a significant chapter in the saga. Assuming they become a global phenomenon, I intend to write a full-length prequel (book 0, basically) and, perhaps, more books in the same world.

Most of my ideas come from the news, particularly cutting-edge science taken to its extreme. I thought it might be fun to share some of the many bookmarked articles I used for reference and inspiration. See that list here. The cornerstone tech in the saga is synthetic biology. Watch the video below to learn why I find it such compelling material for fiction.

This story has many influences from the film world, such as Wool, The Island, Puppet Masters, and to a degree, even AI, Dune and Alita: Battle Angel. But I’d say the closest I’ve seen in terms of the overall vibe was a SciFi miniseries called Ascension. If you like any of this stuff, then you will almost certainly like The Cytocorp Saga. I’m really stoked to get it out there.

Do the kids still say that? Stoked?

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  1. Just wanted to say that Geddy Starheart is a legend and keeps me laughing until 2 or 3am. Anxiously awaiting the next adventure.

    1. Thanks, Philip! I just finished a really tight draft of book 3 and hope to have it out by early March at the latest, hopefully late Feb.

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