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The Technician, my prequel novella to The Cytocorp Saga, is now available for FREE just for signing up to my email list. No spam, no garbage — just regular monthly updates and exciting announcements or promos.


Update on the Cytocorp Saga

If you subscribe to the many-worlds theory of quantum mechanics, then there is a reality in which I kip out of bed at exactly 5:02 a.m., walk the cats, drink a bacon smoothie, eat a stack of buckwheat pancakes, rejoice over our enlightened age, and am ready to write by 7 a.m. sharp. Meanwhile, in […]

… In Which I Am No Captain of Industry

A few weeks ago I played in this interclub golf event. The matches are on Tuesday afternoons in early summer, which should tell you right away that the men involved are not generally desk jockeys with an 8 to 5. Some are retired, as you might suppose, and others are either successful enough as independent […]

My secret formula for stopping a cold in its tracks

I’ve had the cold a lot in my life. More than most, I’d say. I hate being sick, which is why I’ve spent a fair bit of effort to figure out what works and what doesn’t. I also hate most cold remedies because of how they make me feel. If you care to know how […]

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