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Technician coverIt’s 2164. Dome Six has been cut off from the outside world for decades.┬áDaisuke Yamamura, a technician, fears its crumbling infrastructure won’t protect them from the Burn for much longer. An unusual work order takes him deep into the bowels of the Dome, where he learns a shocking truth. But when a synthetic organism erases his memory of the job, he becomes determined to learn where he went and why.

The Technician is a prequel novella to The Cytocorp Saga, C.P. James’ breakout series launching in early 2020.

The Cytocorp Saga Begins in:

As the only home she’s ever known crumbles around her, a schoolteacher races to unravel the mysteries of the Dome’s past in order to secure their future.

The lives of an exiled biomodder, a mysterious militia, and a group of refugees collide as they fight to break Cytocorp’s stranglehold on humanity.

As Cytocorp’s dark vision for the future draws near, a group of rebels makes its final, desperate play to save the world from enslavement.

Young musician Marius Beecher grapples with a distressing truth, leading him to pursue his dreams in an unlikely place in this prequel novella to The Perfect Generation.

Perfect Generation Cover

A brilliant scientist’s cure for all genetic disease has tragic consequences for the country in this fast-paced, near-future medical thriller about science gone wrong.

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