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Geddy's Gambit: A Reassembly Prequel Novella

All Geddy Starheart wanted was to get out of the game. Cash in his chips and stop running product for the infamous Double A auction. But when a routine trip dangles that very opportunity, one question remains: What’s the catch?

It was supposed to be a routine job. Pick up the artifact on Ceonus and bring it back to his boss on Kigantu. In, out, done, as easy as making love. But the seller, an eccentric trillionaire with a dark soul, inconveniently died while he was en route. Now he’s got to convince with the guy’s weird, clueless stepson to honor the deal.

When a stranger makes a proposal that would let him walk away for good, he’s never been more tempted. But to get to the bottom of it, he must be willing to betray some very powerful people — and survive one insane night on the town.

Geddy’s Gambit is a prequel tale for Reassembly, C.P. James’ new and seriously funny space opera series. Fans of grown-up sci-fi humor like Guardians of the Galaxy, Firefly, Galaxy Quest, and The Orville will love this fresh, irreverent, noirish take on the genre.


Former henchman and ace pilot Geddy Starheart teams up with the microscopic alien in his head and the stalwart crew of a salvage trawler to find a missing ship and save the universe. A thrilling and hilarious adventure through the cosmos!

Former henchman Geddy Starheart joins the crew of a salvage trawler in order to retrieve a stolen ship and get an ancient alien out of his head. A hilarious, cosmos-spanning sci-fi adventure.

A quest for money and desperately needed upgrades takes the crew of the Fizmo deeper into space than ever before — and closer to the Zelnad conspiracy that threatens all life in the universe.

Ship Show cover

The crew’s quest to stop the Zelnads leads them to the galaxy’s largest trade show, but is the battle for hearts and minds already lost?

Captain Geddy Starheart is desperate to find his girlfriend and reunite his missing crew. But the Zelnad threat still looms. Can they expose the truth and raise an army before it’s too late?

The Cytocorp Saga

The survivors of a domed city on a future Earth fight to stop an evil corporation from enslaving all of humanity.

When a synthetic organism erases a Technician’s memory of a seemingly routine job, he becomes determined to learn where he went and why.

A young Technician’s Apprentice and his off-kilter uncle probe an enduring mystery, but someone will kill to protect the truth. Could there be a way out?

The lives of an exiled biomodder, a mysterious militia, and a group of refugees collide as they fight to break Cytocorp’s stranglehold on humanity.

As Cytocorp’s dark vision for the future draws near, a group of rebels makes its final, desperate play to save the world from enslavement.

The Perfect Generation

Young musician Marius Beecher grapples with a distressing truth, leading him to pursue his dreams in an unlikely place in this prequel novella to The Perfect Generation.

Perfect Generation cover

A brilliant scientist’s cure for all genetic disease has tragic consequences for the country in this fast-paced, near-future medical thriller about science gone wrong.

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