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Rocket Repo

Stuck on a dead planet with an alien in his head, ace pilot Geddy Starheart must come out of retirement to save the universe from the Zelnads. Better get his ship together.

When Geddy stole his boss’ starship and fled to Earth 2, his goal was to disappear. But when an eons-old alien spore named Eli starts living rent-free in his head, plans change. Next thing he knows, he’s building the only ship that can bear Eli home. Seven years later, on the eve of their departure, it’s not Geddy who disappears but his one-of-a-kind ship.

A desperate escape off-planet lands him aboard a creaky salvage trawler with a can-do crew and the galaxy’s worst business model. The search for Geddy’s missing ship exposes a conspiracy to destroy all intelligent life in the universe, which technically includes them. Will they stomp the Nads, so to speak, or hit the reset button on civilization? With this bunch, it could go either way.

If you like fun, fast-paced sci-fi with relatable characters, solid storytelling and dry wit along the lines of Guardians of the Galaxy, Galaxy Quest, Men In Black, and The Orville, you’ll devour Rocket Repo: Book 1 of Reassembly.


Former henchman and ace pilot Geddy Starheart teams up with the microscopic alien in his head and the stalwart crew of a salvage trawler to find a missing ship and save the universe. A thrilling and hilarious adventure through the cosmos!

All Geddy Starheart wanted was to get out of the game. Cash in his chips and stop running product for the infamous Double A auction. But when a routine trip dangles that very opportunity, one question remains: What’s the catch?

A quest for money and desperately needed upgrades takes the crew of the Fizmo deeper into space than ever before — and closer to the Zelnad conspiracy that threatens all life in the universe.

Ship Show

Coming early 2022

The Cytocorp Saga

The survivors of a domed city on a future Earth fight to stop an evil corporation from enslaving all of humanity.

When a synthetic organism erases a Technician’s memory of a seemingly routine job, he becomes determined to learn where he went and why.

A young Technician’s Apprentice and his off-kilter uncle probe an enduring mystery, but someone will kill to protect the truth. Could there be a way out?

The lives of an exiled biomodder, a mysterious militia, and a group of refugees collide as they fight to break Cytocorp’s stranglehold on humanity.

As Cytocorp’s dark vision for the future draws near, a group of rebels makes its final, desperate play to save the world from enslavement.

The Perfect Generation

Young musician Marius Beecher grapples with a distressing truth, leading him to pursue his dreams in an unlikely place in this prequel novella to The Perfect Generation.

Perfect Generation cover

A brilliant scientist’s cure for all genetic disease has tragic consequences for the country in this fast-paced, near-future medical thriller about science gone wrong.

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