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My secret formula for stopping a cold in its tracks

I’ve had the cold a lot in my life. More than most, I’d say. I hate being sick, which is why I’ve spent a fair bit of effort to figure out what works and what doesn’t. I also hate most cold remedies because of how they make me feel. If you care to know how […]

What an 82-year-old man taught me about ‘lifelong learning’ in 2018

I used to work at this little liberal-arts college in Wisconsin called Ripon College. Great little school with awesome people. One of their most-used phrases when talking about the value of a liberal education was that it supposedly engendered “lifelong learning” as a value. I’d really drank the Kool-Aid there so that sounded really nifty […]

On the mildly traumatic experience of reading my unofficial first novel

Many years ago, I wrote screenplays. This was while there was an actual spec script market in Hollywood, and at the time I had a mentor of sorts who reinforced that prospect. So I wrote. A lot. And as you might expect, it was sort of bad. The last script I finished was about a […]

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