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After taking early retirement as a henchman, all Geddy Starheart wanted was to be alone. But when a nagging alien spore named Eli sets up shop in his brain, plans change.

When an industrial accident turned Earth 2 into the galaxy’s largest airport bathroom, the last of humanity pulled up stakes and left for their backup planet, Earth 3. Geddy threw a wave to the last transport out and started building a ship capable of returning Eli home.

Seven years later, as they prepare to leave the now-deserted planet, the unique ship he and Eli built together disappears. Without it, he can’t go off-world or get Eli out of his head.

A desperate play to get off the planet lands him in the hold of a trash trawler on a streak of bad luck. With the help of its oddball crew, Geddy and Eli’s quest to find their one-of-a-kind ship takes them on a sweeping, hilarious adventure among the stars.

Fans of space opera and antihero comedies will love the witty, fast-paced humor and heart of the Reassembly series, as will anyone with annoying voices in their head.

A quest for money and desperately needed upgrades takes the crew of the Fizmo deeper into space than ever before — and closer to the Zelnad conspiracy that threatens all life in the universe.


When a synthetic organism erases a Technician’s memory of a seemingly routine job, he becomes determined to learn where he went and why.

A young Technician’s Apprentice and his off-kilter uncle probe an enduring mystery, but someone will kill to protect the truth. Could there be a way out?

The lives of an exiled biomodder, a mysterious militia, and a group of refugees collide as they fight to break Cytocorp’s stranglehold on humanity.

As Cytocorp’s dark vision for the future draws near, a group of rebels makes its final, desperate play to save the world from enslavement.


Clockwatchers Cover

Young musician Marius Beecher grapples with a distressing truth, leading him to pursue his dreams in an unlikely place in this prequel novella to The Perfect Generation.

Perfect Generation Cover

A brilliant scientist’s cure for all genetic disease has tragic consequences for the country in this fast-paced, near-future medical thriller about science gone wrong.


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